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Ultimately, De Moor and Vos are inviting all kinds of false doctrine into the CRC.  When I was yet a member of the CRC in the 1990s, I was appalled that the denomination allowed for different interpretations of Scripture regarding women in office.  That was nothing compared to what De Moor and Vos are now advocating.  If Scripture is not clear on what incarnation, justification, and sanctification mean, and the CRC must tolerate different interpretations, the prospects are frightening.  The CRC will have to tolerate the belief that Jesus was only a man; that justification in some way is based on the works of man; that the biblical standard of sanctification does not condemn homosexuality.  This will lead to the loss of the gospel of salvation.  If Christ is only a man, there is no salvation!  If justification depends on works in any way, there is no salvation!  There is no assurance of salvation for those who believe such doctrines.  This will also lead to rampant ungodliness in the CRC.  If sanctification can be tampered with and people can individually determine what the Bible teaches about holiness, then doors are opened to a situation in which every man does that which is right in his own eyes.

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