Hier is die praatjie wat Kevin DeYoung in Boksburg gelewer het op 18 April 2013

En hier is wat hy sê oor die toestand van die NG Kerk. Uit die praatjie hierbo is dit duidelik dat hy aanklank vind by ons probleme hier in die NGK, omdat sy denominasie die Reformed Church in America dieselfde probleme het. 

Sy volledige artikel is hier.

Bad theology destroys and keeps the gospel from people. South Africa, like most of sub-Saharan Africa, is overwhelmingly Christian. The state of the church can seem impressive, but mature Christians in South Africa will tell you a different story. The Dutch Reformed Church is weak and getting weaker, awash in theological liberalism and secular agendas. The black church is beholden to the false gospel of health, wealth, and prosperity and the worst kinds of syncretistic charismania. South Africa is “reached” with the gospel in a technical sense, but the need for good teaching and sound doctrine is tremendous. If you want to serve the Lord in a Bible-starved location in the English speaking world, there are many places in South Africa for you to go.