Hier is ‘n alfabetiese woordelys vir mense (soos ek) wat nie kop of stert  kan uitmaak van Emergent teologie nie.

Ek plak net die eerste deel hier in om jou aptyt te wek, omdat ek nie die outeur se kopiereg wil aantas nie. Om die volledige lys te lees, kliek op die skakel onderaan!

(Vir die wat nie die proses van dekonstruktiewe satire verstaan nie – dis ‘n grappie)

  • Abductive – Unstructured, stream of consciousness preaching that is more fun than boring, inductive or deductive preaching that makes sense.
  • Absolutes – A concept we must absolutely avoid.
  • Anger – Disagreement by outsiders (Oh wait, I almost forgot. There is no “inside” and “outside.” Please invent your own term for this concept.) with emerging church presuppositions (does not refer to hostile feelings within the emergent conversation toward theological and political conservatives).
  • Antithesis – The relationship between all modern and postmodern concepts.
  • Apologetics – An outmoded attempt by some misguided Christians to apply logic or use any appeal to the intellect in an effort to persuade unbelievers to believe the gospel.
  • Atonement – Theory of divine child abuse that appeals to vampire Christians who want Jesus for his blood (Don’t act shocked. You know this is what McLaren teaches, so believe it already).
  • Authentic – Being one’s real, sinful, doubting self (and proud of it).
  • Bible – A book through which subjective enlightenment comes to us as we live in community.
  • Bounded-Set Theology – Narrow minded, wrong belief system in which some people are so rude as to consider others wrong.
  • Carson, D. A. – Ignorant, mistaken man who just can’t understand us.
  • Christ – An incredible, outstanding man in the Bible who left behind a valuable story that enables us to make the world a better place. Some people (including some in the emergent conversation) say he is a divine being, but this concept is subject to deconstruction.
  • Christianity – (see “social activism”)
  • Club – Place in which people drink and dance that we frequent to let our lights shine (although we don’t shove the gospel down their throats since it doesn’t mix well with vodka).
  • Cohorts – These are not subversive small groups organized online for the purpose of undermining the work of Evangelical pastors! They are simply a means to provide community and fellowship, brother.
  • Colson, Charles – Evil, evil man who is out to get us.
  • Community – A group of people who have their own reality that is meaningless to outsiders (seriously).
  • Compassion – The steadfast refusal to call anyone but conservative evangelicals wrong in what they believe or do.
  • Conservative – (see “wacko”)
  • Conversation – Equally confused people guessing what things might be “true” and guessing what “true” might mean.